The vineyard

 The domaine was created in 1984 by Didier Montchovet with 0,5ha of vines.

The principles of bio-dynamics were applied from the outset.

        1989: another 2,5ha of vines taken under lease, permitting the real launch of the estate's activities:
Leasing of two cellars and a vat room.
        The 1989 vintage was the first to be bottled, with sales beginning in the summer of 1990.
        I all but abandoned my previous occupations of consulting oenologist, responsible for courses of wine studies and tasting.

Since 1990: We have added to the Domaine two more large plots of land: 4ha in “CRAS” and 5ha in “BIGNON”.

These two plots will progressively be planted with vines. Leaving 3ha aside, these two plots have not nurtured vines since phylloxera.

Construction of a complex of buildings with a cellar, vat room, house and accommodation for grape-pickers. The cellars have been conceived to make the maximum use of gravity, so as to avoid having to use pumps for moving the wines.

Le Cras, chardonnay, lyre, 3.5ha
Le Cras, chardonnay, lyre, 3.5ha

  2001: We finish the construction of an equipment hangar which allowed us to recover rainwater for use in our bio-dynamic treatments. It gave us shelter for our first animals: donkeys and horses, helping us to manage our composting better.